Monday, April 10, 2017

The movie Giver

I think the move was better than the book because it was more exciting and was really related to the book. It had some changes but I think they were good changes. One of the changes in the move was that the giver didn't transferred his memories throw his eyes. He transferred his memories threw his hands. Also there was small changes like the age of jones, the bander, Asher fluidez drones or planes, and etc.Here are three reasons why the move is better.

One reason is that the move showed more love in between Fiona and Jonas. It showed more friendship with Asher. Some evidence is when Asher liyed to elders and said Jonas was dead. But in reality Asher had trust in Jonas and dropped Jonas into the river with Gabriel in his hands. Another piece of evidence how it showed a lot of love is when Fiona felt love and kissed Jonas and no one made her do it. Also Fiona took the baby caring thing and the guards started chasing her and not Jonas and Jonas escaped thanks to Fiona.

Another reason is when Janas is trying to share his training with Fiona. He took fiona to the big bridge and slide down like when Jonas had experienced going down the sled. Also it shows some foreshadowing because in the memory while sliding down he saw a house and at the end of the move he saw the same house again. Another scene is when Jonas grabs Fiona's hands and asks her if she could see color in the waterfall thing.

The other reason is that the elder was like a bad guy because she ordered Asher to kill Jonas. She said that the giver was a failure for not teaching her daughter properly because he gave her bad memories. That is why she ascend for release. Also she payed more on Jonas than other people. She went to jonas's families house and saw Jonas dancing with his sister. Jonas also gave Gabriel some memories and one of them was the memory of the elephant and that they used to exist.

I know that you might think the book is better. One reason why is because it showed like dip feeling you could really feel them. In the movie it just happened fast and in the it just happened quickly. But something happened quick in the move and other things didn't and in the book it went faster and didn't show more feeling.

Monday, March 6, 2017

In the office


I walk into the office wear pat worked. I asked him if i could interview him for my english class.
He said “of course.”
He was reading his book and there was another woman in there she worked with him. So I sat down on a rolling chair. He asked me to read him all the five questions if rote, so he could think it over the day. When I was reading them he was making so strange face like if he was confused. But then I explains the question a little more. We set a day for the interview.
He said “what about sunday.”
I said “ok”. So I walked out of the office happy because finally i had a day where i was going to do my interview.

Pat wears silver glasses he wears them for every whare he goes. He likes wearing color shirts. Since he doesn't like to wear shorts he wears pants. He has gray hair thin and long. He is funny likes to read. He is 67 years old. He does not do much just sits in chairs in his office and is on his computer. He is one of three person who work as managers. He makes sure everyone pays their rent. He likes talking to everybody and never ignore someone talking to him.

So it was sunday and i was waking up. I had finish eating my lunch and i went to take a shower. When i was done i walked down to pat's office. When i got there a woman was sitting in a chair, she was on her phone. Pat was on his computer. He was finishing something on the computer so i waited there about one minute. So then i tried to find my question i thought i lost them but to my surprise I had it in my other notebook. So i ran back as fast as i could and then my mom told me what had happen. So i explained to her as fast as i could and ran back. So then I started.

“First question: Has anything changed from now to years ago?’
“Something that have changed have changed but that are similar.’
“Ok but what has changed”
“Before there was no computer games or video games like know. Well there was not computers. At least for there was not. We always had to play outside because there was nothing to do. Also there did not him and his siblings making noise in  the house. Before there was only two Chanel's in my tv  and there was this plastics with color on them,since it was black and White. You would place it on the tv and you would have color on your tv.”

“Second question: how was school when you went to seventh grade?’
“We got six classes as usually in middle school. English science math and history and your elective. We had physical education. We entered school at 8:00 and got out at 3:00. There was not much of electives as know I believe
“There was like drama, art, etc. there is know team to represent their school.
“How many kids were there”
“There was about two hundred students. We did not have to wear uniforms because it is a district school.”

Fourth question: Where did you use to life and what school did you go to.
“Well I lived in laguna beach california. I went to marith thurston junior high.”
“Did you lived near the beach”
Well yes, i always went to the beach. I loved surfing there. Plus the beach was six block away from my house. So after I did my job i would go surfing in the afternoon. I moved to the beach when i was ten years old.
Was it hard for you to adapt to the new school?’
Not that much. When you arrived to a school kids from that school would help you get along with the day.

Fifth question: how was your live when you were little?’

I grew up in bakersfield but then moved to laguna beach. I always played outside with friends until dinner. I also ride my bike. All my friends parents including my parents thought. It was a safer world back then and parents did not worry as much. So my parents did not like me playing in the house so I spent most of the time playing basketball.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I think Dally was gallant because he new the gun had no amo. I think he wanted to die because Johnny was dead.I think  Dally's death was it is sader because johnny was in the hospital and died because they could not do anything for him, and dally was alive but he just decided to get shot by the policemen because Johnny was not there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


  1. Johnny: “Stay gold.”
I think johnny is telling pony to stay the way he is. I think he saying to stay special and don't give up.  I think johnny does not want pony to suffer like he did. I think  

Monday, September 26, 2016

So fair Greg and roderick are getting along. I predict they Greg and Roderick are never going to get along because they disfigure on every thing. My question to the author is why did he make a book like Diary of a wimpy kid.